I Grew Up On Wu Pt. 2 Interview with Showrocka (@showrock)

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Adding another project to an impressive discography, Showrocka returns with the highly anticipated album “I Grew Up On Wu Pt. 2.” We got a chance to talk with the Dominion Cypher Champion about the new banger, and here is how it went down.

What made you drop Pt. 2?

Part 2 is unfinished business. I made the song “I Grew Up On Wu” with Shyhiem in mind, but he was in jail when I put the first album together. Fortunately, I was able to get Young Dirty Bastard on the original, but as soon as he got out, I hit Shyhiem like, “yo king… I need you on this.” Part 1 was my favorite project to date, but I knew I could make it better, especially now with the connections I made along the way.

Will this be an ongoing series?

Nah. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, pause. There will be at least one more Wu-inspired song since I have yet to work with Blue Raspberry, and I vowed to do so before I die. She is the songstress on all my favorite Wu songs, and we sometimes talk on IG. Such a beautiful soul.

Any videos for the project?

Hell yeah! Currently, the video for Wu-Haven has gotten up to 36,000 YouTube views. I’m proud of the 36 cause of its significance to the Wu and 36 chambers.

7/1 on Bandcamp. Will it be on all platforms?

Mr. Pay the Rappers is all about artist ownership. I put the album on Bandcamp to try and recoup some of the feature and recording costs, but it will definitely make its way to streaming. I will probably drop the tracks a single at a time every two weeks. Hopefully, that will garner the interest of new fans, and even if they’re cheap or don’t have Bandcamp, they can check out part 1 while they wait.

Who are some of the producers we can expect on the album?

Big shout out to my man Memz Beats who did a few joints. He produced the entirety of “I Grew Up On Wu”. I also got my guy So=Cal up there and a bunch of other producers I found on Beatstars. I just gave up the secret! Also, shout out to Tanboy’s own Tony Caves for the artwork, my guys Brooklyn Raw and ProdByDin for the mix and master, and Khey Double the Lyphe for picking the track order.

Anything else you would like to share with the people?

Yes. Thank you to all my supporters past, present and future. The goal from here on out is monetization, so please follow me on YouTube. I have a lot more in store, and unfortunately, Instagram ain’t trying to Pay the Rappers. Lol!



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