Tay Roc: Quest for the Infinity Stones

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In the world of battle rap, some believe you’re only as good as your last match. It’s not about how many wins you accumulate throughout your career, but more so who you fight in the process. Even though the top tier is a bit overcrowded, the God Tier level remains heavily guarded.

I’m not here to debate Tay Roc’s win/loss record. Nor am I here to discuss what level his career is currently on. I much rather talk about his last couple of battles and the opponents he faced. 

In the same year, he sparred with two of Mount Rushmore’s God Tier elites. His Nome X battle against Daylyt was one of the best match-ups of the year. Not too many can stand next to Daylyt when he’s on his A-game, but Roc gave us three solid rounds that elevated his stock.

A few months later, we see Roc going against yet another deity at the URLTV: Anniversary Event. This time his opponent was Murder Mook, one of the founding fathers of the culture. Again, I’m not here to talk about his win/loss record, but going against two juggernauts in the same year is a phenomenal feat.

If that isn’t enough to solidify his spot in battle rap history, his next opponent on Smack: Volume 7 is the Island God himself, Aye Verb. Be sure to catch it on 01/23/21 at 5 pm EST on Caffeine. For more battle-related updates and music, you can follow Tay Roc on Instagram @therealtayroc.

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