Talk Yo Shit Sis with Qnova (@qnovaofficial)

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Recording artist, Qnova, is a Peach State native born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. The Ashford University graduate runs her own custom candle and soap business while hustling as a hairstylist and nail tech. A woman of many talents, she combines every outlet to quench her thirst for creativity.

Qnova dabbled with music early on but never fully committed to her passion until 3-years ago. Since then, she’s been promoting her talent, doing shows, and rubbing shoulders with industry personnel every chance she gets. Determined to stand out amongst her peers, she’s now ready to show the culture what makes her sound so unique.

Her most promising single with 16,000+ Spotify streams is a track titled “Check Up.” The money bag anthem delivers enough bounce to have you geared up for the Rise N’ Grind. Her latest single, “Talk Yo Shit Sis,” is equally energetic, if not more. Don’t expect Qnova to sound like any other female rapper you might’ve heard in the past. This year she’s locking down the game, and originality is the key to making it happen.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, follow Qnova on Instagram @qnovaofficial. Be sure to visit the official site linked down below.


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