Live Performance with Marky McFly (@thetimetraveler)

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The creative mind of Marky McFly is never at rest. The Chicago rapper continues to find ways to display his artistry to the world by freeing himself from the conformity of others and taking the road less traveled. 

His latest release is a version of his single, Get Lit, recorded during a live performance at per•so•na, located in the Westloop-Downtown area of Chicago. Backed by a live band, Marky is in his comfort zone while performing on stage in front of an audience. Feeding off the people in attendance, he flourishes during his set while putting on an energy-packed show.

If you’re in the Chicago area, you can catch him performing live at the Skollmolly Donut Shop: Freaky Function (11/4) and Live at Concept: Music and Body Paint Runway (11/20). For more music-related news, follow Marky on Instagram @thetimetraveler.


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