Doin Tings with Chise Up (@chiseup)

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Coming off an extensive promo run for their latest album, “Heavy Drugs 3,” the Chi-town duo Chise Up (Cognac Classic and Daws Lotto) is back with a new exclusive video. “Doin Tings” is produced and directed by S7nlee and features Gothic Soul recording artist Mac Millie. With close to 6,000 plays on YouTube, the video is shaping up to be the fan-favorite out of the bunch.

She pick up when I call and let me paint on her walls / Yea we ain’t breaking no laws, that a** clap like applause.

Cognac Classic

With more music on the way, Chise Up plans on dropping their next single, “Remain,” sometime in the coming future. Produced by Dolomane, a song snippet is available on Instagram/Facebook for those looking for an early listen. For more music-related news, business inquiries, and to stay up-to-date, follow the team on Instagram @chiseup, @dawslottochiseup, and @cognacclassicchiseup.


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