From CT to QB with Showrocka (@showrock)

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In the coliseum of rap, not many can stand amongst the gladiators of the underground culture. Where grimy lyricism is the weapon of choice, it’s easy to spot a lion in a field of gazelles. It’s a modern-day blood sport where only a few prevail. 

Those who have an ear for complex bar schemes are no stranger to the New Haven, Connecticut emcee. With a proven track record under his belt, Showrocka elevates his pen game with each new release. This time around, standing alongside Queensbridge legend Tragedy Khadafi on the new track “CT to QB.” 

If cassette mixtapes were still popular today, this would be the first record on the tracklist. Be sure to check it out on your favorite music streaming platform. For more music-related news, you could follow Showrocka on Instagram @showrock.

Thank God for the grimy, thank God for the raw. Timb boots, army suits, the squad ready for war…



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