Marie’s Son Interview with Greedy J (@greedy__j)

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Texas artist Greedy J is ending the 2021 season on a high note with his latest release, “Marie’s Son.” We got a chance to sit down with the young talent, check out how it went down exclusively on Rap Olympus Media.

And you know how we rock b*itch!

Greedy J

First off, congratulations on the new album! This time around, the project feels more personal and close to home. Was that the plan from the start?

I initially planned to go with a more bar-heavy approach. But in real life, I was going through some rough patches. When I made Chipz, I sent it out to my closest associates, and we all agreed there was something different and honest about it. I decided to capitalize off it and give the people more of me. I can rap all day, but making music with substance is how you stand the test of time.

What separates this joint from the others?

That personal touch. Initially, I felt it might have been too much too soon. But as the songs kept coming together, the process felt so organic. I would have been a fool to fight it, so we went with it.

Is there a particular song you feel stands out over the rest?

It has to be a toss-up between Halos and Hiatus. On Hiatus, I tried a bunch of new melodies my core fans would not expect. It was a different Greedy than they were used to hearing. Same with Halos. It’s very introspective and vulnerable, something I haven’t done too much of in the past.

Did you work with different producers on the project, or was it all in-house?

I usually shop in-house with my boys Javion & Seth. I rather see them getting paid, plus they are both hard as f*ck. This time around, I worked with other producers like JP and Hitman to show my listeners I do enjoy and use different beats.

Will this album get your music career to the next level?

I honestly believe it will. It’s authentic and original, something music today lacks. Every song you hear has the same sound, same feel, even the same flows. My style is hard to duplicate, mainly because the sound is real, raw, but most importantly, non-violent.

Is there anything else you would like to share with the people?

I’m just grateful to anyone who takes the time to listen; sh*t grateful is an understatement. I got another project on the way strictly produced by Yung Javion, so people will finally get songs like By Your Side and Life on all platforms along with (6) new joints.


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