True Legend with Mersiless Amir (@mersiless_amir)

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It’s better to remain original than to succeed with imitation. When cut from a different fabric, expect others to try and emulate your design. Become a trailblazer by showing them how to create a lane paved with hard work and dedication.

Mersiless Amir has always been a student of the game. His musical infrastructure was instilled early on by both his parents. Over the years, the Detriot (West 7 Mile) artist gained insight from other songwriters, various producers, and filmmakers. In turn, he used the acquired knowledge to help others in his field excel in their craft.

One of his latest songs, released early in 2021, offers a glimpse of his lyrical potential. “Sky Godz (featuring Awesome Dre) delivers a solid performance over a smooth player-made funk beat that’ll have you listening closely to every bar. If the posse cut, Uncut Sapphires (feat. Kuniva, T3 & Kastro), is any indication of what to expect, his next project is sure to be buzzworthy. 

With a January 2022 release date, Mersiless is ready to drop his next full-length project “True Legend.” Considered his chef-d’oeuvre, the album is produced by some of Detroit’s most talented producers, including Mersiless himself. With features from Kings & Goddesses, set a reminder for later and don’t miss out.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, follow Mersiless on Instagram @mersiless_amir.


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