Pull Up with Perception (@christopher.veal)

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Christopher Veal, stage name Perception, is a rapper/producer from Keene, New Hampshire. The B.A.P Records recording artist has been creating music for most of his life but recently began releasing it to the public in 2021. Inspired heavily by prominent GOATs of the culture (Eminem, WuTang Clan, Nas, J. Cole, etc.), Perception hopes to one day leave a mark on the Hip-Hop industry just like his predecessors.

Focusing on music that’ll help his listeners weather the storm, his main focus isn’t the money and fame. Perception is looking to leave a lasting impression on his audience while creating timeless memories they can later look back on. His diverse sound is often described as chill and laid back, but he’s also known to get a bit grimy on the turn-up.

Pull Up is one of those records with an aggressive gritty undertone. The eerie street vibe, accompanied by a catchy hook, is highlighted nicely by a solid delivery and flow. Looking to build more traction, Perception released a new track featuring Compton Menace titled Spark. Be sure to check out his entire catalog on your favorite music streaming platform.

If you’re in the Newport, New Hampshire area on December 31st, you might want to catch the B.A.P recording artist performing live at the Opera House (hosted by Eastman Records). For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow Perception on Instagram @christopher.veal.


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