At the King’s Table with Shawn Owens (@therealessdot)

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You can either work for a boss or become your own. In the end, it all comes down to how much effort you’re willing to put in. Shawn Owens is one entrepreneur who took matters into his own hands and founded Essdot Casual – Urban Brand Apparel.

Anyone involved in the hip-hop culture knows that fashion and music go hand to hand. In my personal opinion, there’s no better way to market a brand than by dropping a musical soundtrack to go along with it. 

Featuring nothing but close friends and family, Shawn Owens and Essdot Casual released The King’s Table – Directin’ Traffic Vol 1. The 8-song compilation is now available on all major streaming platforms, so be sure to give it a listen.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can contact Mr. Essdot on Instagram @therealessdot. Check out the latest fashion on and get right this coming season.

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