Life of a Cereal Killer with King Spills (@kingspillsbk)

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Brooklyn artist Papoose goes viral with a new Cereal Killer Challenge, receiving praise for his lyrical agility and creativity. People all over the internet are dropping reply videos, looking to add to the latest trend. However, here’s a fun fact you may not know. This so-called “new” challenge started way back in 2016.

The original cereal killer goes by the stage name King Spills (or just Spills for short). He was the first to murder Count Chocula and bury Boo Berry at the breakfast table. His innovative mindset crafted this idea years before it started to pop like a bowl of Rice Crispies. Check out the 13-minute compilation down below and see for yourself. After you get done with that, tune-in to the Blunt Conversations Podcast with Scott LaRock Jr for more on the whole ordeal.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can find Spills on Instagram @kingspillsbk. Also, check out @lifeofacerealkiller for a look at where it all started.

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