Still in Demand with Savage Life Banks (@official.slb)

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The over-saturated market of music brought forth by the digital era is something we’ve all grown accustomed to lately. It’s easy for an artist to drop multiple projects without the hassle of being signed to a major or having a distribution deal. The trick is being able to satisfy your core fans while giving yourself time to reach new ones.

Savage Life Banks has managed to do just that. The Toronto (Scarlettwood Court) artist has been dropping music digitally since 2014-2015. With each passing year, he continues to develop, putting his best foot forward with each project. SLB was inspired to make music after watching his older brother freestyle with others around the neighborhood. He also credits artists like Cassidy and AR-AB for giving him the drive to make it a reality. 

His newest project, Still in Demand, is a 8-song EP available on Spotify and Apple Music. It feels like every beat is tailored-made to cater to his style and cadence perfectly. Nothing sounds out of place, making every bar fall in line with the one that follows. The melodic tone and bar structure create a street-savvy vibe that demands replay value. Be sure to check it out today!

For more music-related news, business inquiries, and to stay up-to-date with Savage Life Banks, you can follow him on Instagram @official.slb.

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