City View with Groov Marro (@groovmarro)

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They say success in itself is a group activity. If indeed true, an artist must do everything in their power to surround themselves with like-minded individuals. Keeping your inner-circle free of negative energy is a must if you plan on going the distance. Having Vibe Star Entertainment in your corner doesn’t hurt either.

The 2021 Rap Olympus MVBT winner Groov Marro is back to business with more music on the horizon. After 3-rounds of competition, the Philadelphia artist unanimously took home the victory with his critically acclaimed video Stop Me, directed by Everyway4k. With over 10,000+ YouTube views, it’s a must-watch!

His anticipated follow-up is set for release on April 2nd later this year. The single City View will feature Garf (of Generation GT) with production by David Metropolis. It’ll be available on all major streaming platforms, so set your calendar and be sure not to miss out.

Not much more is known about the project, but if it’s anything like Groov’s past performances, it’ll likely be a vibe. For more music-related news and to stay up-to-date, follow Groov Marro on Instagram @groovmarro. For all other business inquiries, you can contact Vibe Star Entertainment @vibestarent.

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