Anny Star: Young Fresh and Shameless

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The best part of living out loud is not having to apologize to anyone in the process. In doing so, you allow yourself to unleash the inner-voice living dormant inside you for so long.

Anny Star may be a freshman to the music scene but has been entertaining audiences through acting and dance for a large portion of her life. Her newfound love for creating music makes expressing her most intimate thoughts easier than ever before.

Never having to bite your tongue can be surprisingly refreshing and clearly shows on her first official release, “Pussy”. The single is sure to drop a few jaws due to its explicit nature and content, letting you know right out the gate nothing is off-limits. Now available for streaming on Apple Music and Spotify, go check it out.

A video for “Pussy” is also on the horizon and can be expected sometime in November 2020. Created and directed by Anny Star herself, she promises the visuals will be nothing short of wild and unapologetic.

With an assortment of unreleased music in the vault, Anny is hard at work on her first full-length studio album. No set date as of yet, so make sure to follow Anny Star on Instagram @annytaormina for more future updates and music-related news.

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