Kshark Tv: First Kill Battle Series

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Battle rap is a modern-day gladiator sport where challengers step into a ring armed with nothing but their lyrical ability. Competition is fierce, and the battle rarely ends in a draw. Only the sharp-witted survive long enough to become legends.

Kshark TV is taking the battle rap culture back to the essence of where it all started. Most battles we witness today are acapella, making it easier to pace your round and factor in crowd reaction. This time around, Kshark TV decided to do things differently with the First Kill Battle Series.

This one-round series allows emcees to face off over an original instrumental, shining a light on both the artist and producer. Most of the beats used during the battle are fire, making for an intriguing show of skill.

To stay up-to-date with battle-related news and business inquiries, you can follow Kshark Tv on youtube @KsharkTV or Instagram @ksharktv_promotions.

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