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Flowers From The Underground with Six O’Clock

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Aurora, Colorado Hip-Hop emcee Six O’Clock is set to drop his new project, “Flowers From The Underground,” on December 6th. Produced by Alo Music, the 10-track album (featuring Uncle Big Bag and Ha$h) is full of motivational street music showcasing a musical journey spanning 25+ years. Six O’Clock is no stranger to the everyday hustle, releasing over 30 solo/group projects alongside his “partners in rhyme,” the Insomniaks. His passion for creating keeps him glued to the art form while pushing his talent to new heights. 

A video for the track “Word of Mouth” is scheduled to drop on November 1st, followed by “Still Calling Me (Master P)” on November 14th. Subscribe to the YouTube channel today for a glimpse of what’s to come. Pre-orders are also available for the December 6th release of “Flowers From The Underground,” exclusively on Bandcamp. For more music-related news and business inquiries, follow Six O’clock by clicking on the links below.



 I had the album title, track names, and ideas for “Flowers From The Underground” before I picked my first beat. This is the first time I worked this way and it went well. I had a vision on what I wanted people to take from the album and this gave me a guideline to follow.

Six O’clock

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