Music Video Battle Tournament 3.0

Rap Olympus: Music Video Battle Tournament (MVBT 3.0)

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Music videos are an excellent way for an artist to generate a buzz for a new song. It gives listeners a chance to get to know them on a more personal level. Ever wonder how your video stacks up against the competition? Maybe you should join the Rap Olympus: Music Video Battle Tourney 3.0.

 How it works:

  • When we reach the required amount of entries, we’ll start by creating the tournament brackets.
  • The match-ups for the round and voting polls will be posted here on the site. 
  • Each artist will be notified via Instagram with a link to their battle. 
  • They then have 48 hours to share and promote the link.
  • Our 4 guest judges will be given higher voting power to keep things balanced.
  • Once voting is complete, the winner will be announced via Instagram and advance to the next round. 
  • The winner of the championship round will get a full article write-up promoting their next project.

How to join:

Direct message a link to your video submission on Instagram to @rap_olympus_media or email it to


  • Only one submission per artist is allowed.
  • You must own the rights to the video you choose to submit.
  • Multiple votes from the same IP will be stricken from the final poll.

We look forward to viewing your submissions and can’t wait to start. Best of luck to everyone and may the best video win!

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