Love Ait Loyal with DeeRokkk (@deerokkk96)

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While everyone is fast asleep, continue to dream big with every waking moment. Originally from Brooklyn, New York (currently in Orlando, Florida), aspiring hip-hop artist DeeRokkk is excited to share with listeners his debut project titled “Love Ait Loyal.” Inspired by Future, Lil Wayne, and Drake, the eager rapper is looking to garner the attention of fans with his newly released 4-song EP.

DeeRokkk’s musical content is easily relatable. With a creative sound that has the potential for plenty of growth, he’s sure to build a foundation for a core audience in no time. “Love Ait Loyal” is now available for streaming, so be sure to check it out today. For more music-related news, follow DeeRokkk by clicking on the links below.


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