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Hats & Hoods with Feed’Em (@feedemartist)

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Music with a message will always stand the test of time, even in an era where clout tends to overshadow substance by a clear margin. Refusing to compromise his art, UK artist Feed’Em is back with a new music video titled “Hats & Hoods.” 

A mixture of grime and church culture, the record is meant to discuss the many stereotypes often associated with the attire worn in urban communities. It explores the Christian concept of ‘come as you are’ in an alter call context that is less about Church clothes and more about being right with God. Produced by Chakee T and directed by Junior Alawa, make sure to check out “Hats & Hoods” today.

For more music-related news on his 3rd studio project, “Gospel of Grime: The Mixtape,” you can follow and support Feed’Em by clicking the links below.



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