Hip-Hop Quotable #005 with Angill (@angill1)

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Welcome to the Hip-Hop Quotable section of Rap Olympus Media, where elite pens showcase their talent for all to see. Enjoy!

Hip-Hop Quotable”

My word is my word and my words is a weapon

Humbly I’m a wreck it in the presence of a legend

Just check the Method genuine dying breed

If he said it then he sticks to his word they Siamese

Looking for smoke better stick to the lime green

Getting wild off the Tic-a-Tical don’t mind me

Money can make people vile and slimy

But he’s a real one it’s clear to the eyes no Visine

Defy the scientific, my mind is kinda different

Each line I spit designer fit depict the monolithic

The Hieroglyphs that line the crypts they are not Egyptian

And when decrypted they say Wu-tang is for the gifted

The stars aligning on an optimistic

This contradiction been predicted by the Mayan mystics

If you ain’t get the gravity of this you might’ve missed it

But the impact is left behind to find in the Ballistics.


From the song “My Word” (featuring Method Man, ChubHill, and D. Cure)

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