Lovers Retrograde 222/Drip Check with Marky McFly (@thetimetraveler)

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Embracing the full spectrum of his musical talent, Marky McFly returns with a new album titled “Lovers Retrograde 222.” If his last project, “Darkest Daylight 2,” was the approaching storm casting a shadow into the sky, this new joint is the glimmer of light that follows. The Chi-Town entertainer is in a brand new bag this time around. 

Songs like “Warm Winters” and “Jehova (Know Her Name)” are bops that’ll instantly have you rocking from start to finish, but McFly displays his full artistry on “4 Page Letters.” An ode to the fallen princess Aaliyah, the song is cleverly put together over a sample from her record “I Don’t Wanna.” With replay value in abundance, it’s sure to be another banger added to the McFly discography.

If the 8-songs off “Lovers Retrograde 222” aren’t enough to quench your thirst, rest assured we got you covered. “Drip Check” is officially out on Spotify and will be making its way to all streaming platforms shortly. Marky McFly will also be performing live at the Pay To Play CBO event,  Pisces SZN, on March 19th in Matteson, IL. For more music-related news and business inquiries, follow the links below.



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