Hip-Hop Quotable #004 with Showrocka (@showrock)

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Welcome to the Hip-Hop Quotable section of Rap Olympus Media, where elite pens showcase their talent for all to see. Enjoy!

“Hip-Hop Quotable”

I’m Slick Rick without the eyepatch, ain’t no vision that I lack

They say they got heart till we give em’ a triple bypass

I ride past, indigo trues, singin’ the blues (that’s)

Two different hues like, lavender and lilac

But they similar, you try to pirate our single

Shiver me timber’s our hitters fracture your fibula

Catch him in the cafe while he at a fish fry

Think he that bull, turn his calf to a ribeye

I get by, and I don’t need hi-tech to get fly

I’m good with a flip phone, from the mud like a pigsty

And I’m the boss hog, got it locked like a zip tie

Sittin’ on the dock of the bay, don’t let it slip by

See that’s a metaphor for ya’ll instead of callin’ ya’ll

Too slow to catch it, pass the ball to ya’ll

Cause we all on the same team

Whether underground or mainstream, 38 or 18…


From the song “If I”

Off the “Uncharted Territory” album (by Jimmy Vegas)

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