Only One with Wan00 (@keepit_wan00)

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Artist/songwriter/photographer Wan00 is a man of many hats. The Westside Chicago creative began recording music in 2014, but his devotion to the art form started taking shape during the recent pandemic. With plenty of time on his hands, the driven emcee decided now was the perfect time to pour everything he had into his music.

His most recent release is a song titled Only One. The message behind the track is to remind others that life’s journey is sometimes a lonely commute. When people deem your dreams as far-fetched, remember every challenge is just another obstacle to overcome. Now available on all major streaming platforms, be sure to check it out today.

With plans on releasing an EP before the end of the year, Wan00 continues to push forward no matter the cost. For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow him on Instagram @keepit_wan00.


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