Put That on Everything with Trey Dilla (@dilladagift)

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Why fit in with a crowd when you were born to stand out amongst them? While others are busy trying to imitate the latest music trend, find comfort in being yourself. Allow your image to reflect your true nature, and people will gravitate towards your authenticity.

Trey Dilla is a Chicago artist who refuses to emulate others who occupy the same field of expertise. Since 98′, the Southside rapper has been crafting bodies of work with a signature sound. With 20+ years under his belt, he continues to stamp his name on every record he touches.

Trey recently dropped two projects within the span of 30-days. The first, titled Put That On Everything, is described as a walk down memory lane, where he romanticizes about his former years building Everything2gain Ent alongside his cousin Cuzzo B. The second project, titled 421, is more upbeat with a trap sound designed for the deep trenches. Both projects are available for streaming, we highly recommend checking them out.

With a new label (PushCultureForwardEnt) and podcast (12GaugeThaPod) alongside partner-in-rhyme Kastro, it’s clear Trey isn’t showing any signs of fatigue. The two have plans on releasing a new project under Supreme Mob, titled Premium Cuts. No further details are available, but we’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new updates.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you could follow Trey Dilla on Instagram @dilladagift.

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