Alone with Marky McFly (@thetimetraveler)

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In preparation for Darkest Daylight 2, dropping October 21st, Marky McFly is back in his bag with a new single titled Alone. If you’ve been following us at Rap Olympus Media, you’re no stranger to the Chicago rapper and his music. His high energy and confidence are never in question, displaying tremendous versatility on every record he puts his spin on.

The harmony-driven track touches on feeling alone even when others are within arm’s reach. When they can’t see your vision, your art becomes a fortress of solitude. It’s easy to start feeling like you’re the only one in a room, but finding a way to cope through music can make all the difference.

Check out the animated music video for Alone, now live on YouTube. Stay up-to-date on all future releases by subscribing to the channel below. For more music-related news and business inquires, you can follow Marky McFly on Instagram @thetimetraveler.

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