The Blue Album with KNG SVN (@ezy071)

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Inspiration exists, but it must find you working. The famous Pablo Picasso quote remains relevant to this day. Regardless of the art form, the world will continue to inspire creative minds for centuries to come, but only if allowed.

Now seven seasons in the making, Chicago artist KNG SVN has been working hard to solidify his spot in the Hip-Hop culture. Class of 96 Sound is more than just a catchy label name. A reference to some of the most prominent Hip-Hop albums ever made, the era gave birth to ATLiens, Reasonable Doubt, Ironman, and All Eyez On Me. These timeless classics helped inspire the musical style we hear from KNG today.

25-years later and we reach the precipice of KNG SVN’s latest body of work, The Blue Album. The 11-track project may very well be the crown jewel of his catalog. In its entirety, each song feels hand-selected from start to finish, giving the project an interconnected feel. The Stanley Clarke sample on Killmonger is a fitting backdrop for what’s to come. Rare jewels infused with dramatic storytelling will keep listeners locked into every bar.

The Blue Album is currently available on all major streaming platforms. Get in tuned with the Class of 96 Sound by visiting the official website at For more music-related news, business inquiries, and booking info, follow KNG SVN on Instagram @ezy071

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