Editors Pick: Debt In$trument with G MiM$ (@koolgmims)

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Harlem’s rap aficionado G MiM$ is back spazzing once again with the release of his latest project. Debt In$trument has all the makings of a well-rounded performance. Everything from the lyrical content to beat selection is orchestrated perfectly from start to finish. Celebrating his wins while acknowledging the losses, Mr. Don’t Forget The Dollar $ign is on his job with no days off to spare.

His lead single No Xo (produced by Hesami) featuring Pastor LBS, touches on the lack of support an artist may face while coming up in the game. A small reminder to keep your circumference guarded at all times. When success is imminent, don’t allow an opportunist into your circle who doesn’t bring anything beneficial to the table.

A video for No Xo (directed by Cole Eckerle) is currently available on YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. When you get done with that, be sure to tap into Debt In$trument on your favorite music streaming platform. For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow @koolgmims on Instagram or hit up koolgmims.com.

-Everybody ain’t your guy. How you fam? You ain’t never met my moms…

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