4th Quarter Pressure with BARSnSCARS (@barsnscars)

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BARSnSCARS is a Brooklyn artist whose talents range from songwriting, rapping, and singing. Since 2018, he’s been on the scene applying pressure through his music like clockwork. A strong work ethic and love for the culture allow him to stay on track without any deviation.

4th Quarter Pressure (released in 2020) is the title of his latest full-length project, currently available on most major streaming platforms. Since its release, BARS has been networking heavily while collaborating with quite a few other artists. Too Much Talking (featuring Cerelli, IamOaks, and JHot) is the title of his latest 2021 single, but rest assure the Brooklyn hitter has more on deck.

Dog 4 Life (featuring Sheek) and Fire Guy Show (featuring Cassidy) are already in the works. Chances are we’ll hear both songs, as well as the next full-length album Summer Baby 3, some time this coming summer season. Until then, a new video for Comfortable (Summer Baby 2) is now available on YouTube. Get acquainted and tap in today!

For more music-related news, business inquiries, and booking information, you can follow BARS on Instagram @barsnscars.

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