Night Vibes with 40 Kalikoe (@fortykalikoe)

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Kentucky artist 40 Kalikoe had himself a productive 2020 and is now looking to capitalize off the gained momentum. His latest release is a SoundCloud exclusive featuring Nino Karleone. Perfectly titled, Night Vibes is a smooth track that sets the ambiance just right.

Forty’s able to find inspiration from all music no matter the genre, but what drives him most is the promise made to his grandmother. Success is the only viable choice; nothing else is up for discussion. Forty vows to stay true to his core audience as well as himself. Authenticity will play a major role in the development of his music moving forward.

Be sure to check out Night Vibes, currently live on SoundCloud. You can also hear more on your favorite music streaming platform. For more music-related news and to stay up-to-date, follow Forty on Instagram @fortykalikoe.

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