An Eastside Story with CHE Slick (@che_slick)

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True confidence will never leave room for envy. Only those who find themselves stuck in a stagnant position have time to examine others under a negative light. To appreciate your past and future journey, you must first learn to count the blessings given to you each day.

CHE Slick is a Michigan City native who has close to a decade of experience in the music industry. His attributes are beyond those of a typical artist. His impressive resume consists of being a writer, producer, engineer, mentor, and entrepreneur. His influences range from UGK, Three 6 Mafia, 8 Ball & MJG, Playa Fly, BG, Bobby Womack, The Isley Brothers, and The O’Jays.

Always on the move, CHE recently released two new singles this past week. Girl Stop is a mixtape exclusive, only available on Trappaganza 4, hosted by @mizzstacksondec. Giving you a glimpse of the talent he possesses, CHE swag surfs all over the record from start to finish. (click here to listen)

Keeping the momentum going, the name of his next song says it all. Envy should fall under the category of mood music. If you ever experienced a similar situation, this track will be easy to relate with off the first listen. Be sure to check it out today on all major streaming platforms.

For more music-related news, you can follow CHE on Instagram @che_slick. For booking information, business inquiries, and more on the Crunkhead Entertainment movement, be sure to check out

-I got a lot more on the way, remember it’s a marathon not a race…

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