Just Listen with Kado Dolo (@kstaydolo)

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Music is the most diverse art form on the planet. It allows an artist to share their story while expressing themselves through their craft. It’s like painting a self-portrait over a beat for the world to examine and critique. Every aspiring artist aims to be successful, but it all started with the need to be heard first.

Kado Dolo is an emerging artist/songwriter from Miami, Florida. For the past couple of years, Kado has been fine-tuning his sound while experimenting with his range and ability. Never one to be boxed in, his versatility plays an important role while creating. 

-I want each track to give you a different feel when you listen…

After the recent loss of a close friend, Kado decided to dedicate his life to making music a full-time profession. His passion for success and respect for the culture continues to drive his momentum forward, pushing the envelope as far as it may go.

His latest project released on 4/3 is a mixtape titled Just Listen. Off the rip, you can tell the Miami artist means business. The opening song Gas No Breaks goes 0 to 100 right out the gate. The explosive introduction sets the stage for everything to come, sending expectations through the roof.

The Just Listen mixtape is currently available on all major streaming platforms, so be sure to tap in. You can also check out the latest video for the lead single Cold Steppa on YouTube today. For more music-related news, booking information, and all other business inquiries, follow Kado Dolo on Instagram @kstaydolo.

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