Jerry’s Summer Adventure with JKRUNK (@therealjkrunk)

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Rap is something you do, but Hip-Hop is something you live. 28-years later, this quote by the legendary KRS-One remains true to this day. You can’t dive into this genre of music without remembering where it started. Hip-Hop gives you the power to tap into your past, present, and future self while putting it all on display for the world. In other words, it’s the ultimate form of self-expression.

Like many others, JKRUNK dreamed of being mentioned amongst the greats of the culture. He was drawn to the art form early on and found himself inspired by the legends of his time (mainly Big Boi and Andre 3000 of Outkast). The OceansideCalifornia native soaked up all the game he possibly could to prepare for the transition he was destined to take.

JKRUNK spent the last 4-years accumulating the tools necessary to make an impact. In 2020 he released a project titled Jerry’s Summer, which consists of 7-songs and a couple of guest appearances by Myoe and Camille Malauulu. The mixture of classic hip-hop, modern trap, and heartfelt melodic music, attribute to the solid yet flexible consistency of the project.

The song Zone displays how quickly the artist can turn up at the drop of a dime. The energetic beat, witty lyricism, and catchy hook make for a memorable track. The wordplay and vibe on P.L.P remind you of JKRUNK’s versatility while tapping into his smooth playa-playa sound. With more than a few gems on deck, be sure to check out Jerry’s Summer and the latest single In The Morning, available on all streaming platforms.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow JKRUNK on Instagram @therealjkrunk.

-Underneath the surface, I’m just like you. A person looking to fulfill their dreams… (Just Killing Rappers Uniquely Never Kneeling)

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