Rising Slatt Star with Yung Kobra (@real_yung_kobra)

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Talibandz own Yung Kobra is looking to stake his claim in today’s music arena. He understands what it takes to be successful and doesn’t plan on deviating from the set course previously paved. Instead, the rising talent is focused on making more music people can vibe with and enjoy.

For the past two years, the Boston artist has been hard at work orchestrating the sound his fans have grown to love. He describes his music as trap poetry with a melodic tone. Fueled by a creative process that ensures every track is a club banger, Yung Kobra is well on his way.

His recent release is a full-length album titled Slatt Star. The 11-song track list features an array of artists working together to bring the project to life. Each collaboration sounds authentic, never once sounding forced.  

A video for Regular (featuring Ciggpapi) is currently available on YouTube. With close to 20,000 views in three months, it looks like the young artist was able to give his core audience exactly what they expected and more. His follow-up single Switching Lanes (featuring King Rik) keeps the momentum going without missing a beat. The stand-out performances by both artists make the track an instant vibe you can slide with on the open road.

Be sure to check out Slatt Star today, available on all music streaming platforms. For more music-related news, business inquiries, and booking information, you can follow Yung on Instagram @real_yung_kobra.

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