Minor Keyz/Major Talent with S7NLEE (@s7nlee)

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The key to longevity in any field is the ability to grow and learn. Never limit the amount of knowledge you can obtain, but instead expand your horizons and become self-sufficient in whatever journey you choose.

Chicago native S7NLEE can surely attest to the previous statement. 30-years in the business has allowed adequate time for him to become a jack-of-many-trades. Wearing an assortment of hats (artist, composer, music producer, videographer, and editor) gave him the ability to view each project through a unique set of lenses.

His love for music stemmed from his mother being a singer. She introduced the youngster to various genres, which led him to discover his first music idol. Following in the footsteps of an icon named Prince, S7NLEE adopted a “do-it-myself” mentality and haven’t looked back since.

With a flair for the dramatic, the title of his 2020 full-length project is rather suiting. The melodic tone and rhythmic patterns on Minor Keyz resemble a kaleidoscope of sound. With an assortment of featured talent, each song plays an intricate part in a much grander design. Be sure to check out Minor Keyz and Black Fire (latest single) on your favorite streaming platform.

S7NLEE is currently putting the finishing touches on some new music set to drop soon. Keep an eye out for FIN featuring Mac Millie and FITZPTHEO, as well as the self-titled album dropping at the end of the month. For more music-related news and business inquiries, check him out on Instagram @s7nlee.


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