Dueling Distance with Mac Millie (@tmacmillie)

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When taking part in a battle of wits, it’s best not to come unarmed. In the hip-hop culture, lyricism is the most valuable weapon a rapper can possess in their arsenal. Every track they release is a duel between creator and creativity, artist and artistry. Keep a safe distance or risk getting caught up in the crossfire.

Terrance McCants, stage name Mac Millie, spent the majority of his life living in Chicago. For the past 15-years, he has been hard at work creating music and mastering his sound. Growing up, his father was a pianist, so young Mac was introduced to music early on. His love of hip-hop heightened his admiration for the culture and propelled his craft to the next level.

His latest release under Gothic Soul Entertainment is titled 10 Paces & Spin. The 10-track album, produced by S7nlee, is now available on all major streaming platforms. A video for the 4th single FIFA, featuring FITZPTHEO, is currently live on YouTube. Be sure to check it out and run those numbers up in your free time.

Keeping the momentum going, Mac and the team plan on releasing more music this coming season. Looking to build off the success of their last collaboration, Mac and Fitz team up yet again on FIN, dropping later this summer. A new solo joint titled Pink Mist is also scheduled to drop and will be available for a limited time on vinyl.

For more music-related news, business inquiries, and booking information, you can follow Mac on Instagram @tmacmillie.

I’m constantly building and diversifying my brand. So when you tap in with me, you can expect to find something you’ll enjoy…

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