Raw Talent with Greedy J (@greedy__j)

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Training and potential are the building blocks to every success story. When raw talent gets factored into the equation, the possibilities become limitless. Greedy J is an up-and-coming artist looking to shatter the glass ceiling in hopes of taking his craft to the next level.

The Texas rapper began making music a little over a year ago, but it’s hard to tell by listening to his track record. The confidence displayed in every song is a testimony to how comfortable he feels when recording. Greedy describes his style of rapping as a bar-heavy twist of hip-hop and funk. Focusing on witty metaphors and life lessons is a sure-fire way to keep his listeners hanging on every word.

His latest project, Raw Talent Vol 1: Reloaded, is a 7-song EP available on all music streaming platforms. The versatility shown will have first-time listeners tap’d in from beginning to end. One of the biggest highlights on the project has to be the song Sewed Up. The angelic tone of the beat doesn’t prepare you for the verbal assault to come. With more than a few Quotables during the 2-minute duration, it’s the perfect song to display a glimpse of his capabilities.

“Mentos in a soda, just a little bit till I blow up.”

Looking towards the future, Greedy plans to release a few visuals for the EP while continuing to grow his YouTube channel. For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can contact Greedy J on Instagram @greedy__j.

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