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Music Producer E Epillz Henderson New Project “Prologue: Epillz&Ideas”

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Connecticut music producer E epillz Henderson is an immense talent with an ear for bringing ideas to life. A visionary behind the boards, he draws inspiration from various genres, creating an aura of sound that transports listeners into a realm of emotions. His newest project is a musical collection titled “Prologue: Epillz&Ideas,”  featuring skilled artists from all walks of life. 

The Sam Heavens performed record, “You,” is beautifully done and starts the project on a heartfelt note filled with good vibrations. The follow-up song “Fall,” featuring Antonia Marquee and Showrocka, takes a more soulful approach while keeping the same underlying love theme. “No More Heroes,” featuring Dunc and Antonia Marquee, is the most thought-provoking piece on the project, diving into police brutality and the inequality black men and women face in today’s society.

Something To Die For,” featuring Terrell King, and “Mas y Mas,” featuring Thiunifé & Friends, deliver a more uptempo vibe than the rest of the project while adding to the diverse spectrum of sound and emotion. Overall there’s something for everyone to enjoy! “Prologue: Epillz&Ideas” is now available on all digital streaming platforms. Check it out today! For more music-related news and serious business inquiries, follow E epillz Henderson by clicking the links below.



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