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Nights In Cuba Revisited with Dub Sonata

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(Written by: Chris Figueroa aka Revalation and Dub Sonata)

Producer Dub Sonata’s acclaimed instrumental project “Nights In Cuba” is now available on vinyl for the first time, complete with a new 6-song EP titled “Nights In Cuba Revisited” included on Side D of the 2xLP release from Man Bites Dog Records. Made in the same fashion as the original 19-track album, “Nights In Cuba Revisited” is derived from samples from a crate of records the producer dug up during a 2010 trip to Cuba. Fast forward to 2022, Dub Sonata revisited the Caribbean island nation with a camera in hand, where he reconnected with the musicians and vinyl dealers he met over a decade ago.

Check out the album trailer consisting of footage from his return trip to Cuba and music from the album. The genre-bending project — layered with upright bass, trumpet, flute, sax, piano, guitar, various percussion, and scratches by Scram Jones — transports the listener to the streets of Havana. 

The 2xLP vinyl is limited to 100 units, and the CD Digipak spread includes a colorful 16-page booklet of photos from Cuba taken by the record-collecting producer/photographer. Bandcamp bundles include fine art prints on various media, exclusively available from Man Bites Dog Records. The new “Nights In Cuba Revisited” releases on Bandcamp on 4/21 and hits streaming platforms on 5/5.



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