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Escapism Journey Through Mental Exploration with Donald XL Robertson

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It’s been a while since Rap Olympus Media sat down with RIAA multi-platinum & gold music producer Donald XL Robertson. The XLP Distribution executive dropped by with a fresh new project just in time for the Spring. Here’s how it all went down!

Escapism Journey Through Mental Exploration” is an intriguing name for a project. What was your thought process when coming up with it?

Honestly, I needed an escape from the house during the pandemic. The title came to me while I worked on the music. I liked it because it implies that a cathartic experience is in store for the listener. At the same time, it could be viewed as an opportunity to learn something new about oneself through meditation.

How would you describe the overall vibe of the project to a new listener?

The overall vibe of the project is laid back and soothing, perfect for winding down after a long day. It’s a collection of chill vibes and relaxing beats, peaceful and serene. Ideal listening for when you need time to reset and think.

Was this a spur-of-the-moment project, or have you been working on it for a while?

No, I’ve been working on this album for a while – it’s the 2nd release in a series of chill-vibe albums I’ve produced. The 1st beat tape is “Self-Awareness and Meditation.” I started making both of these during the pandemic.

Can you tell us about the music scene down in New Orleans, Louisiana?

The music scene down in New Orleans is jumping! It’s inspiring to me. It’s full of self-expression and creativity! All genres of music are booming in the city, from Bounce to Chill Vibes and zydeco. So many new artists emerge from the city with many styles and flavors. You just can’t beat that New Orleans vibe!

Do you have any advice for young producers looking to establish themselves in the industry?

Firstly, it’s essential to have a deep passion for your music. That means putting in long hours and exceeding expectations. Additionally, networking is crucial in the music industry. Attend showcases and events, join professional organizations like BMI ASCAP and, and connect with other professionals doing what you want to do. Stay active on social media displaying your skills, and keep up with the latest music production tools & trends. Seek mentors who can offer guidance and support you as you navigate your career path.

Thank you for taking the time to chop it up with us at Rap Olympus Media. Is there anything else you’d like to share with the people tuning in?

Rap Olympus Media is a phenomenal platform for up-and-coming artists to showcase their music & tell their stories. It allows artists to connect with fans and network with other musicians. As more and more talent gets discovered on the platform, I’m excited to see who is next to blow up. Thanks!



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