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The Legacy of Hip-Hop Entrepreneur Rob Pierce

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Roberto Borrego, also known by his stage name Rob Pierce, was an entrepreneur/Hip-Hop artist who was taken away too soon on October 3, 2021. His music was enjoyed by many and described as being unfiltered and ahead of its time. Before his passing, his passion began to expand beyond just music.

During the pandemic, Roberto ventured into new territory and started a brand called Art Of Trapp, which produced clothing for both men and women. With customizable logos and designs, he began pressing up shirts, hoodies, hats, sweatsuits, facial masks, and various other items. Working day and night, Roberto’s main focus became his family’s livelihood. He aspired to open a shop that would ensure their well-being leading into the future.

His music and business sense will forever inspire family and friends. The creator of Beauty&Melnik, a close friend of 20+ years, accredits Roberto for fueling his ongoing passion in product management, and digital media production for film, beauty, and commercials. Gone too soon but never forgotten, Roberto Borrego’s legacy lives on.


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