So Official with Detroit Artist/Songwriter Witnezz

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Payton Place Entertainment recording artist Witnezz is a rapper/songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. Inspired early on by his grandfather, who was also a songwriter, he took to music at a young age and wrote his first rhyme as a teenager. Fascinated by the Hip-Hop art form, he continued to fine-tune his craft and eventually found his calling as an emcee.

In 2022, Witnezz released a 7-song project titled “So Official.” With songs like “A Dream” and “Quiet Place” leading the way, he showcased his musical talent and versatility through storytelling and various flow patterns that complimented a line-up of dope beats. Looking to keep the momentum going into 2023, he released a follow-up project titled “Me.”

Just as hard-hitting as its predecessor, it matched the intensity displayed on “So Official,” some might even say surpassing it in some points. Both albums are now available on all digital streaming platforms. Check them out today and add your favorite songs to your Hip-Hop playlist.

Witnezz doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon. With a few music videos and a new album (Project Almanac) in the works, we’ll be sure to keep you updated every step of the way. For music-related news and business inquiries, follow Witnezz and Payton Place Entertainment by clicking on the links below.



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