D. Rymz

Hip-Hop Quotable #007 with D. Rymz

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Welcome to the Hip-Hop Quotable section of Rap Olympus Media, where elite pens showcase their talent for all to see. Enjoy the show!

“Hip-Hop Quotable”

The question of contention, the essence~isn’t~riddiling

Lesser can be a lesson, never lesser~on~the~little~men

Blurry to the eyes then question what~is~dim~again

For you to get the picture, need compression~for~the~imaging

Photography, keep focused, acknowledge~he

Apology, who plagiarized your biography?

No honesty, history, modestly

Is “His Story,” obviously, quick, bore~me, novelty

Keep it real here, baby boy, bet~WE~do

If you EDIFY, IDENTIFY, bless~ME~too

Whistleblower on the LP that Betsy~knew

We blowing horns like Dizzy Gillespie, now let’s~see WHO

Can keep a stance in pressure, check~me~TOO

I’m skeptical of any drink that they can gently~BREW

Bag~couldn’t~tempt~me, passed~on~the~Bentley

The temporal will splash til their glass~is~on~empty, TRUE

Class by myself, class~is~just~empty

Don’t fear me tho, only fear my master~that~sent~me

Soundbox portal open up, fast let~me~THROUGH

Frequencies a clash, as we clash~on~the~end~key

Calling out your heroes, that’s what an emcee~DO

Snap harder than any villain in your MCU

D. Rhymz

D. Rymz

Planet of Jacob

Off “Live From The Dojo” (unreleased)



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