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Lil Chappy (Alabama Chappy): The Man of Many Faces

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Lil Chappy (Alabama Chappy) is a professional R&B recording artist from Montgomery, Alabama. The executive of Official Entertainment is no stranger to the grind and has been releasing music since 2012. Over a decade in, he continues to pound the pavement while expanding his following with each passing day.

Man of Many Faces” is the title of his most successful release to date. The 20-song album is the crown jewel in Lil Chappy’s (Alabama Chappy) discography, standing the test of time without a blemish. With an assortment of feature artists joining the line-up, every track is a vibe in itself that you can enjoy in any setting.

With commercial and internet radio interest at an all-time high for his track “Put It Down,” the Alabama artist is convinced he has an international hit on deck and won’t rest until it gains global recognition. For more music-related news and business inquiries, follow Lil Chappy (Alabama Chappy) by clicking the links below.



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