Supreme Intellect

Dirty Piston with Supreme Intellect

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Supreme Intellect is the next hidden gem emerging from the underground Hip-Hop community. Prepare for the return of classic Hip-Hop lyricism with the release of his latest single, “Dirty Piston,” produced by Grimey Chops.

The song proves how social media, when utilized correctly, could significantly impact the Hip-Hop culture on a grand scale. Instagram initially connected Supreme Intellect (North Carolina) with Grimey Chops (Pennsylvania) after a reel of the beat opened up a line of communication between the two creatives. The instant chemistry led to the creation of “Dirty Piston,” their first collaborative track to hit digital streaming platforms.

Supreme Intellect’s lyricism on “Dirty Piston” will surely resonate with listeners, taking them on a journey through the growing pains of life. For more music-related news, you can follow him by clicking the links below.


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