Jamaican-Canadian Artist Lan’do Set To Drop “Man Like Me” EP

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Experimental rapper Lan’do is cultivating the art of doing things his own way with the release of his first EP, “Man Like Me.” Born in Canada and raised in Jamaica, Lan’do’s family influenced his introduction to music – from his grandmother singing in the choir, to his mother’s R&B collection, to studying the likes of Capleton, Bounty Kill, and Elephant Man.

His debut single “16 Bit” has garnered over 25k streams and is getting radio play in Canada and the UK. With a catalog of influences and a recipe book filled with experimental fusions, Lan’do is not afraid to push the envelope with his mastery of multiple genres.

The rapper will be unveiling “Man Like Me,” on October 14th. There’s a litany of musical influences sprinkled throughout the EP. “A fusion of dancehall cadences, UK flows, and Toronto slang, spit over off-kilter beats” is how Lan’do describes this project. For more music-related news and business inquiries, follow Lan’do by clicking the links below. Be sure to mark your calendar for the official release of “Man Like Me.”



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