Cheddar Hefner

Heartbreaks & Headaches with Cheddar Hefner

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Cheddar Hefner is a Hip-Hop recording artist from Sauk Village, Illinois. His unfiltered approach to making music doesn’t revolve around metaphors and slick punchlines. Instead, he uses his craft to deliver raw emotion that allows his audience to connect with his music on a more personal level. 

His latest project, “Heartbreaks & Headaches,” is a 13-song album with topics ranging from the streets to relationship woes. Cheddar Hefner pours a little of himself into every track, giving listeners a front-row seat to his life in high definition. With a new deluxe album in the works titled “3rd Side Chronicles,” it’s clear the Illinois artist is just getting started.

Heartbreaks & Headaches” and “Ghost Writer” (new single) are available on all music streaming platforms. Tap in today and give them a listen. Subscribe to the YouTube channel for some fire visuals while you’re at it! For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow Cheddar Hefner by clicking on the links below.


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