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Young God Rising Interview with Jerrel XL (@jerrelx12)

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When it comes to being an artist, Jerrel XL is what you would call a musical trinity. A well-rounded artist who can rap, sing, and produce records, he possesses all the necessary tools to impact the modern Hip-Hop culture. Rap Olympus Media sat down with the rising talent for a talk; here is how it went down.

Where were you born and raised?

New York nomad. I was born in Buffalo but grew up bouncing around Westchester and the Bronx. 

What separates you from other artists in your field?

I think what separates me is my perseverance and refusal to quit. I was born inspired. I started taking piano lessons very young and always came up with stuff of my own. I preferred creating over learning others’ music.

How would you describe your sound?

I think my sound is original, soulful, and musical. I bring soul to both trap and Hip-Hop. I deliver timeless flows mixed with modern melodic vocals.

Can you explain the concept behind your newest single?

I am dangerous to play with on multiple levels. My mind is a weapon, wealth is a weapon, and I keep weapons on standby if needed.

Why did you decide to re-release your EP?

I re-released Young God Rising because I had fans asking me to put it back out. So it was remixed and remastered.

What are your plans for the remainder of 2022?

I plan on releasing a full album this year, accompanied by several music videos. Stay tuned for that.

If you had to pick one song to play in a room full of new listeners, which would you choose?

Hmm, great question. Maybe a song titled Higher Vibration off the Young God Rising EP.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow and support Jerrel XL by clicking the links below. Remember to check out “Dangerous” and “Young God Rising” on your favorite music streaming platform today.



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