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Biggest War with V.A The M.A.N (@va_the_man)

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Virginia artist V.A The M.A.N has always been intrigued by the Hip-Hop culture and music in general. Even as a youngster, he dabbled in writing rap lyrics while developing the skill necessary to become a future contender in the industry. As his talent matured, he began looking for ways to stand out amongst his peers.

The versatility in his content gave him the tools needed to approach songwriting from all angles. The authenticity in his music allowed him to showcase his true self through his art. These two factors gave V.A The M.A.N a lane to express himself in ways others might have found troublesome.

Biggest War” is a prime example of his songwriting ability and diverse pen. He touches on today’s industry and how business gets handled from the artist’s perspective. Everything from stream farming to inflated numbers; it’s a crooked game that’s almost impossible to win. V.A chooses to steer clear of the antics but understands how others in the same field can easily succumb to the allure. In the end, it’s a personal battle where the rules of engagement are a bit sketchy at times.

Be All I Can B” is a motivational record at its core, meant to give listeners that extra push when things aren’t going as planned. The message is clear; if you want something in life, never let anyone stand in the way of your goals. Both songs are available for streaming on all major platforms, tap in today for a listen.

For more music-related news and business inquiries, you can follow V.A The M.A.N by clicking the links below. Set a reminder and don’t miss out on his next project, “Kolas,” dropping on 4/20.



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