The Hype Interview with Showrocka (@showrock)

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Keeping the momentum going, Showrocka returns with a new track titled The Hype. Enlisting the help of D. Cure and Wes Studii, the trio peer behind the velvet curtain, revealing the truth behind the facade plaguing the independent Hip-Hop circuit. Rap Olympus Media got a chance to chop it up with Showrocka about the new single, and this is how it went down.

How did this collaboration come together?

This collab started as a contest on an internet rap platform called Bars Kept. I gave contestants the song title and beat and told them to spit their best 16 bars. I kept my verse and hook under wraps to everyone except the winners. 

What is the concept/motive behind the song?

Far too often, stream numbers and followers are becoming a crutch in today’s music industry. Rappers are believing their own hype and forgetting they lack the talent to back it up. This thing of ours is not a popularity contest but a measure of skill. We’re just here to remind them.

Do you feel friendly competition makes for a better record?

The best records are born from a competitive nature. For instance, Benny The Butcher will either embarrass you on a track or bring out the best in you. When I get on a song with another artist, my goal is to bar them to death. I had industry artists be receptive to doing a track and then decline once they heard my verse. (Maybe I shouldn’t go so hard, haha!)

How do you stay consistent? What is your motivation?

My consistency comes from being able to write fast. The more I write, the better I become. My daily writing routine keeps me sharper than most. My motivation comes from the love I have for rap music.

Can we expect a new Showrocka project in 2022?

I plan on dropping a new single pretty much every month. Look out for “I Grew up on Wu pt. 2″  coming in April on my birthday. You might even see one or two EPs popping up throughout the year.

You are in a room full of people who never heard you rap before. You can only perform one song from your catalog to win them over. What song would it be and why?

I’m performing “I Grew up on Wu,” that’s my baby. The song showcases my talent as a songwriter and not just a great rapper. The ability to channel those Wu-Tang cadences and make them my own, the catchy hook, the name flips…yeah that’s the one. Plus, everyone in my niche demographic rocks with Wu and will feel the nostalgic energy. 



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