Checkmate with JRoberts (@j.robertsmusic)

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JRoberts is a Hip-Hop emcee looking to etch his name across the board. The Canadian (Toronto) rapper has been creating music since a teenager and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. He accredits his mother and Uncle Jay for introducing him to acts like Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, and Tupac. These events inevitably led him to write poetry and music of his own.

JRoberts displays his energy and diverse rhyme structure alongside Eizlo on the collaborative EP “The Architectz.” The entire project incorporates intricate flows and multi-syllable schemes. If you’re new to JRoberts’ music, “The Architectz” is the perfect starting point to catch up. 

His most recent single, “Checkmate,” features heavyweight wordsmith Mickey Factz and is currently available on Apple Music/iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. With an official album in the works, be sure to follow JRoberts on Instagram @j.robertsmusic to stay up-to-date. 



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